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Art-No. 4012567

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galvanised steel

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  • Dimensiones: 2,40 x 0,87 x 1,38
  • Altura total: 1,38 m
  • Altura de caída libre: 0,57 m
  • Àrea de seguridad (M): 5,31 x 3,83
  • Clase de edad: 3 o más
  • Pagina catálogo: Page 57

The FunRun trail is ideal for school playgrounds or other public places. Much of the FunRun devices have a free fall height of less than 60 cm, and for this reason do not require any fall protection. FunRun courses can be build on a fully sealed surface. Devices where grass is required as underground, are marked accordingly. The units can be combined. Feel free to ask, we will be happy to plan your individual FunRun-Course. The FunRun items train the sense of balance and encourage a fun way to exercise on. The devices are made of galvanized steel tubes.

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„Wobble disk“ adventure bridge

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Puente de barras

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